What were they thinking…?

I know no one knows what children are thinking when they do their day to day things. But honestly I’d give almost all the money in the world to know sometimes! They just do the oddest things! And I’m not talking about infants like Noah because they obviously have too much going on with almost everything being new to them! I mean toddlers… The ones who know so much already.

For instance the other day was just a normal day with my Lily. She was taking forever to eat her breakfast (brunch by that time already) and she told me she was pooping. Didn’t think anything of it because that’s obviously normal and we’re not hardcore potty training just yet. So I tell her “let mommy know when you’re done eating and I’ll change you”. Next thing I know I look over and she’s saying “mommy need my hands cleaned” and she’s got her clothes almost all off (diaper half way on still) and poop all over her legs and hands… FIRST TIME EVER!!

Rush her to the shower and hose her off and she’s crying and saying sorry. I just don’t understand. She knows it’s bad but decided to do it anyway? She even told me it was “yucky”.

I know a lot of toddlers have done that. I know it shouldn’t be too big of a deal to me. But I would just love to get in her mind and see what she was thinking at that moment…”hmmm, I wonder what my poop feels like””I wonder if I can just scrape my poop out of my diaper and be clean”…

Even though it was very unpleasant for me it was great laughing material for the whole family…

Oh the joys of motherhood…


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