I took it for granted…

…Sleep that is. Lily slept 6 hours straight from the beginning! I was always well rested and so proud! She’d have 3 2 hour naps during the day too. I was always told how lucky I was, and I knew it!

12am was always my bedtime. When we got Lily to start sleeping at 8:30 pm instead of going to sleep at the same time with us my bed time remained the same. The little princess would even sleep till 11am or 12pm! Man alive I was blessed with an amazing 1st child!

Through my pregnancy with Noah I got all the sleep I needed and then some! It was perfect, especially while on minor bed rest!

When Noah arrived Lily’s sleep habits stayed just as amazing! Noah would sleep 3 hours on and off till about 4 am then sleep a good 6 hours till 10 am, and 3 hour long naps during the day. I however only slept that 6 hours.

Now that we’re at the whole teething point and the amber teething necklace is not working as well for Noah as Lily I regret that. 2 am till 8 am with 6 feelings in between is not enough sleep for a mom of a toddler and a teething climbing infant!

I had it so good with Lily, and so good with Noah in the beginning, and I wasted it! I am now drained and feeling older than my 23 years young.

It’s not even that I had to get things done. I just sat there cuddling a sleeping baby watching tv when I could have been getting rest so I could give all my energy to activities with my kiddies.

When I get Noah’s bed time back in order there’s no way I’m screwing that up! Sleep will no longer evade me. I will make every second of that beautiful slumber count.

But till then I spend my days half asleep trying to make sense of the smallest things in my haziness.




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