Finding Community – The Tomorrow Project

I’ve always had trouble finding a community where I belong. Any friends I really had throughout my school years didn’t last very long. It has just become the usual “we should hang out soon” with no date planned and no follow through.

My shyness has made it even harder to find a group of people I can actually speak to in person. Online has never been a problem with me as there’s no face to face time involved.

Now that my kiddies and my husband are in the picture it just makes it more difficult. I have to find a community that will welcome them as well. No mother wants to have friends that don’t want anything to do with their children, and no wife wants friends who want nothing to do with their husband. My family is what I live for!

But for now I’ll have to continue praying and trying to seek out a community that I belong to. Somewhere I can be myself. Somewhere I can feel comfortable sharing my passions and fears. Somewhere I can completely open and unashamed of myself.


Visit the tomorrow project to see how you can join in on this project!

**stay tuned for an awesome giveaway to celebrate my baby girl’s 3rd bday June 29th!!


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