Freshly Picked review and giveaway!


Since I became a mom 3 years ago today I’ve been one of those moms who wants the best and up and coming things for her children. I’ve not always been able to afford these things like many of you as well.

So when I heard that Freshly Picked moccs was having their 1/2 yearly sale I sat on my iPad by the internet modem (to get the best signal possible) with my pre made want list at 9:55 am and waited and refreshed my page like a mad woman. I amaze myself when it comes to my ability to put items in my cart and checkout! I got the pairs I wanted!!

Then not even a day later I received an email response to an email I sent about a month before enquiring about a review for the same company. The lady I worked with to receive my shoes and set up my surprise at the end of this blog was amazing! So friendly and quick and easy to respond with!

Lily: Flower Crown:Mommymcsheppard
Shorts:American Apparel
Coral Moccs:Freshly Picked
Noah: bow tie:mommymcsheppard
Polo:Children’s Place
Shorts:joe fresh
Camo Moccs:Freshly Picked

Now let’s talk about these shoes!! They’re freaking adorable!!! They slip right on which is perfect. They stay on which makes it even better. And they’re freaking adorable!!!(I know I’m repeating myself)

The leather is super soft and comfy. They’re good for use with or without socks, which is great when you can never find matching ones. The only problem I’ve had is Lily’s Frosted Rose loosing their shimmer from the gravel at the park.

Now let’s talk about these kids’ reactions! They love shoes. My husband and I have the same love. When I got both boxes in the mail their reactions were squeals and excitement and “mommy put them on me”. They cried when I had to take them off at the end of the day.

When I told my daughter her beautiful coral pair were going to be saved for 4 days later (today) for her birthday party, there was a giant hissy fit! Our compromise was her wearing them for about a half hour at her Nanny’s always squeaky clean house.

Now to share the excitement and freshly picked love with you! Scroll to the bottom of the page to the RaffleCopter link to win your little peanut a pair!!!

Vest:Old Navy
Shirt: whistle and flute
Jeggings: Joe Fresh
Frosted Rose Moccs: Freshly Picked

Cardigan: American apparel
Bibdana: Beau Hudson
Shirt: Mommymcsheppard
Leggings: VonBon
Ebony Moccs: Freshly Picked



Visit mommymcsheppard to buy some awesome accessories for your kiddies!

Freshly Picked sent me the moccasins for my review. All reviews are my own and cannot be bought.


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