Hey Everyone!

I’m Michelle! I’m from Winnipeg, MB, Canada. 23 years old. I’m a stay at home mommy and loving it. I had dreams of becoming a hairdresser but never got passed my sitting on my butt phase. I’m pro natural birth, even though I’ve had both a natural and an emergency c-section (it was a life with disability or death for my peanut). I’m a breastfeeder, co-sleeper, baby wearer and baby-led weaner. Horror movie fanatic (old and new). Makeup obsessed. Clothing obsessed. Tattoo and piercing and gauge lover. Hair dying addict! Obsessed with candy and caffeine.

After a few years of a life that was spiralling downhill everything changed and my life turned around by the grace of God! My life is for my faith, husband, and babies.


This is my husband Jeremy. He’s my Newfie! 26 years old. He’s a job seeker. He’s a tattoo lover. He’s a gun and knife enthusiast! Loves hockey and baseball. Sometimes it seems like his mind revolves around sports. The best father to our 2 peanuts. Even better husband! We made it official September 24th 2011.


This is Lily Christina. 2 years old. Our surprise baby (my rainbow baby). Her sunny side up birth was so natural and so empowering, even with a terrible hospital recovery experience. She’s gorgeous and her eyes can captivate almost anyone. She’s shy but outspoken. She’s calm but full of energy. She loves all things girly!
June 28th 2011


This is Noah Chad Jethro! 1 year old. Our planned baby. His emergency c-section was tramatizing but worth it. Had an amazing recovery at the hospital before a terrible start to my mother-son relationship. He’s handsome and happy. He’s got captivating eyes like his sister. He’s not shy but quiet. He’s a ball of fire. He loves all things Lily!
January 29th 2013


Mommymcsheppard on Storenvy


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