Product Review: Knix Wear

Unfortunately after my last blog post all the way back in September I had some harsh criticism about my blogging so I took a VERY long break. Now that I’ve decided I to end that break and continue doing something I love!

Awhile ago I got the privilege of becoming a Knixpert! With this privilege came 3 pairs of Knix Wear panties of my choice and a discount code for anyone I speak to that wants to purchase a pair or more.

These things are amazing! How could you not love panties that are super cute but actually comfortable??

After my c-section last year I had to cut out all of the cute panties that give you that little boost of confidence. I wasn’t too pleased. That’s when I found Knix Wear.


“Every pair of Knix Wear features our Fresh Fix Technologyâ„¢. A thin yet super absorbent gusset, it wicks away moisture and naturally eliminates odor, keeping you feeling fresh and dry all day long – without the feeling that you’re wearing anything other than your most comfortable pair of undies.” -Knix Wear

That description does not lie! Even their Knixy lace has this smooth feel to it that does not scratch and itch my c-section scar! I can’t help but feel that little boost of confidence again! And I remain feeling clean and comfortable at the same time!

Visit to order a pair and use coupon code Knixpert11 for 10% off!!!

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**and keep a lookout for some amazing giveaways coming soon!!